When Is Orthognathic Jaw Surgery Necessary?

The,Doctor,,A,Man,,Put,His,Hand,On,The,Patient's Orthognathic jaw surgery – often called jaw surgery – is a medical procedure where either the top or bottom of the jaw are realigned. While orthognathic jaw surgery may sound overwhelming, it is a simple, effective procedure for helping the jaws look and feel more natural and comfortable,

For most individuals, orthodontics is their first option. Solutions like palate expanders, retainers, braces, and clear/invisible aligners–often used to correct misaligned teeth–can also be used for individuals with an under or overbite.

When these solutions fail to address the problem, corrective jaw surgery is often the only option. Here are some additional reasons why orthognathic jaw surgery may be necessary.


Reconstructive jaw surgery is often the only viable solution for individuals with a jaw abnormality. In these situations, the surgery instantly renews the patient’s confidence and overall well-being.

Speech Impediments

Individuals with speech impediments or difficulty communicating and pronouncing their words are often good candidates for orthognathic jaw surgery. The realignment of the upper and lower jaw dramatically improves pronunciation and improves the patient’s quality of life.

Jaw Pain

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are typically the main cause of jaw pain. Grinding teeth (bruxism), an abscess, an infection, arthritis, or trauma to the jaw are all symptoms of TMJ disorders that can cause extended pain. These conditions dissipate over time after the surgery is completed.

Facial Injury

Individuals who have been in accidents or experienced severe trauma to their face or jaw are also candidates for reconstructive jaw surgery. In many instances, surgery is the only solution. For those who have experienced severe trauma, this procedure allows them to socialize again while building their confidence.

Improved Appearance

Jaw surgery can improve your jawline, giving you a more masculine or youthful appearance. This procedure can fix jaw misalignment, correct a receding chin, or reposition a protruding jaw line. The end result is a more balanced and attractive face.

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