How To Prevent Hair Loss

Young,Women,Stressed,And,Having,Hair,Loss,,Thinning,Hair Alopecia, also known as hair loss, can occur for several reasons, such as aging, health conditions, medications, and chemotherapy.

However, hair loss is not necessarily something you have to accept. There are treatment options and preventative measures you can take to prevent further hair loss. If you’re experiencing extensive hair loss, learn how the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts can help.

Recognizing the Causes of Hair Loss

Preventing hair loss is only possible if you know what’s causing it. Until you pinpoint that cause, you will likely continue to experience hair loss.

  • Aging: One common cause of hair loss is aging. It’s natural to experience more significant hair loss as you get older, but there are things you can do.
  • Genetics: It’s important to recognize the role of genetics in your hair-related issues. Men, in particular, should be aware of their family history, as they could experience male pattern baldness.
  • Health Conditions: Certain health conditions and diseases can lead to hair loss.
  • Medications: Hair loss has also been associated with some medications, so check their side effects.

How you treat your hair can also affect how well you retain it. Utilizing certain products and treatments can damage your hair and lead to extreme damage and hair loss.

Adopting Hair Loss Prevention Habits

Consulting a medical professional is critical to preventing further hair loss. They can check the condition of your hair regularly and discern possible signs of damage as well as the culprit of your hair loss.

You must also prioritize gentle shampoos and conditioners when buying hair care products. And, if you utilize hot tools frequently on your hair, limit this to special occasions to prevent further damage. Also, be sure to avoid hairstyles that place excessive strain on your hair and scalp.

Furthermore, while you may not be able to quit taking medications or treatments that are causing your hair loss, there may be other medications your doctor can recommend.

Seek Hair Loss Treatment From the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts

If you’re struggling with hair loss, The Southern California Center for Surgical Arts can offer a proper diagnosis and treatment options. Contact our Sherman Oaks, CA, office at 818-789-6622 or our Pasadena, CA, office at 626-440-0099 to set up your appointment, or you can visit our website.


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