Breast Implant Revision Surgery: What To Expect

Woman,Holding,Silicone,Implants,For,Breast,Augmentation,On,Color,Background, Breast augmentation is a popular type of plastic surgery that offers beautiful results, but there are reasons you may seek breast implant revision surgery. Perhaps the shape or size of the implants isn’t perfect, or perhaps the placement of the implants needs adjustment.

In some cases, post-operative complications may require an appointment for breast implant revision surgery. Whatever the reason you may seek additional surgery, it’s helpful to understand what you may experience before, during, and after your breast revision surgery at the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts.

Before Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Before arranging to undergo the procedure, patients may need lab testing and a medical evaluation so the doctor can create a plan for the surgery. The doctor may require imaging of the breasts through an ultrasound or mammogram.

In the weeks or days immediately before the procedure, you may need to alter, stop, or adjust your medications. However, these alterations should only occur with the approval of a medical practitioner.

What May Occur During Breast Implant Revision

The general purpose of breast implant revision surgery is to switch the old implants for new implants. These implants may be the same size as the old implants, or they might be larger or smaller than the originals.

In addition to size changes and new implants, the surgeon may also remove scar tissue, change the location of the new implants, lift the breasts, or change the size of the space or pocket where the implants will sit in the body.

After Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Recovering from revision surgery entails many of the same experiences as the first surgery. Patients will usually need to wait about two weeks before returning to work, and vigorous activity is also off the schedule for at least three weeks.

There will be bruising and swelling that occur after the surgery, but these are natural and will begin to subside after a few weeks.

Breast Implant Revision Surgery from Southern California Center for Surgical Arts

Breast augmentation surgery isn’t necessarily a “one-and-done” appointment. If you feel you want a change to your implants or medical issues compel you to arrange for breast implant revision surgery, consider the talented and dedicated doctors of Southern California Surgical Arts. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Elias or Dr. Vakilian, or call 818-789-6622 (Sherman Oaks) or 626-440-0099 (Pasadena) for more information on your breast implant revision surgery.


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